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Rolio transforms your Apple Lightning charger cable into a super-portable wall dock and keeps your cable neatly managed.

Package Contents

One Rolio and one EU outlet converter



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Don't have that extra dough just lying around to rebuild your Apple (Lightning) charging arsenal?

No sweat, Rolio has you covered. It's a twofer – it keeps your Lightning cable neatly managed and also repurposes your cable to double as a wall dock.

Take the USB through the custom-angled center of Rolio, connect to your AC adapter and plug directly into the wall to use it as a dock.

Rolio blowout view

Roll it up

You can wind up your Apple Lightning cable to keep it neatly managed – use it beside your laptop to control that excess cable slack.

Apple Lightning connector

Apple Lightning

Compatible exclusively with original Apple Lightning cable.

Rolio inside bag pocket

Take It To Go

When you're not using Rolio to charge your phone, keep it wound so you can easily transport it and find it in your bag.

Features and Compatibility


Exclusively with original Apple Lightning cable.

Rolio works with region-specific Apple adapters and comes with an additional accessory to convert the UK Apple adapter.






2.5 x 2.5 x 0.5 in


Recommended for users with Apple Lightning cables.


1. Start with the Lightning connector firmly pressed into the cutout at the top of Rolio.

2. Holding the connector in place, start looping the excess cable slack around the internal spool. Be careful not to pull too tight, as you will damage the cable.

3. Bring USB end of cable out the bottom and insert into the dedicated cutout in the center of Rolio and plug into your Apple adapter.

Step 1: press Lighting connector Step 2: loop excess cable Step 3: insert USB end

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