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Mika is a universal tablet stand that is so simple and timeless, it can be used for the tablet or device you carry today, and tomorrow. With an ergonomic angle, Mika makes it easy to read, watch video and use your iPad wherever you may be.

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One Mika, One CableDrop Mini


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Timeless Tablet Stand

Designed for the devices you have today and the ones you choose tomorrow, Mika is one tablet stand that will never go out of style. Mika was created to span the generations of devices so that one stand can be used with any device, old or new.

The design of this tablet stand is simple, versatile and classic. It seamlessly transitions from your nightstand, as a display, to the kitchen as an iPad prop to follow a recipe and onto your desk ready for the workday.

Mika in different angels with multiple devices

Ergonomic Angle

Tilted at a 70-degree angle, Mika allows you watch videos, read or use your iPad as secondary display. Mika’s angle makes for the perfect iPad stand, not too shallow or too upright to be able to use your tablet while it’s propped up.

Aluminum Stand

Because the design is so simple, solid aluminum or a white (coated aluminum) finish makes Mika edgy and sophisticated. If you’re looking for a stand to display alongside an iMac display, Mika works in tandem making your iPad look like a tiny iMac.

Not Just For Tablets

Mika can also be used as a laptop stand with thinner laptops or a keyboard stand.

See Why Mika is the Best iPad Accessory Around

Mika, while perfect for the iPad is one of the most versatile and useful tablet stands available.

Whether you’re buying for yourself or perhaps looking for a great gift, for a friend, Mika is sure to become your favorite tablet accessory.


Features and Compatibility


Mika is compatible with the iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro, Microsoft Surface, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Sony Xperia Tablets, Nexus, Huawei MateBook, Sony Xperia and so many more.


Solid Aluminum, White (coated Aluminum)


Aluminum and Plastic
White: Coated Aluminum and Plastic


4.5 x 3.75 x 4.25 in


Use anywhere you use your tablet normally. Mika works well as a secondary display stand for your iPad or tablet. Mika’s unique angle makes it ideal for reading, reviewing, watching videos or using your tablet.

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