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CableBox is a cable organizer that hides messy, loose, tangled cables under the desk, next to the computer, or behind the TV. CableBox works with both wide and long surge protectors.

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One CableBox, 10 Twist Ties
(Surge Protector Not Included)


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Clean Up Messy Cables

We all have it, but no one wants to admit it.

If you’re living in this world – then you’re bound to have a spot with a serious cable mess. CableBox is designed to take that tangled web and hide the cables out of sight. It’s a simple surge protector hiding box that is easy to install and makes a huge impact in a matter of seconds for easy cable cleanup. CableBox is the perfect solution to hide your cables and keep your space neat and tidy.

Made from Flame-Retardant Plastic

We’ll get to installation in a moment, but first let’s cover the obvious. With so many cables concentrated in one spot, there is bound to be heat. CableBox is made from high-density flame-retardant plastic, for peace of mind, making it the best cable management solution out there.

CableBox is Easy to Install

No need to unplug your surge protector or power strip beforehand. Simply drop the surge protector with everything all plugged in and close the lid to hide excess wires and messy cables. Two outlets run on both sides of CableBox to allow for necessary cables to come out and plug into their associated devices.

Aaden bottom view with AA batteries being charged

Rubber Feet

Rubber feet on the bottom of CableBox keep it from slipping and sliding on flat surfaces.

Cable Management Everywhere

CableBox is great in the office as an under the desk cable manager, at home as a TV cable management system, or anyplace you have a computer or an influx of cables to harness and hide. CableBox makes cable hiding so easy.

Before and after gallery

Customer submitted photos and testimonials from around the world.

I love them!! Very easy to use and looks great!!!

Jan Campbell from Danbury, CT

Definitely looks neater. Lid is secure, which is excellent. Also used neoprene cable tubes.

Marlene from Raleigh, NC

Exactly what i needed on an all glass computer desk

Don J from New London, CT

Its simple and elegant. A necessary item for neat freak!

Justin Toh from Singapore

Amazing! Very neat and clean

ToddC from Frisco, TX

The CableBox was easy to install and makes the mess of cords so much more tidy. No longer is the vacuum on the verge of sucking up this tangled mess!

Katie R from Chicago, IL

Great solution, it fits perfectly around the double powerstrip and I didn't have to unplug anything to install it.

Ward Heller from Maastricht

Love it!! Just what I was looking for!

P.S from Phoenix, AZ

Finally wires away from our cat.

Laura from Turku, Finland

My wife (and I, of course) was so pleased with how our CableBox cleaned up our entertainment system spaghetti, we love your product.

Mario Artavia II from Lakewood, CA

Your eyes are no longer drawn to the mess of cables behind the tv as you enter the room.

Baz from Melbourne, Australia

I used to use a cardboard shoebox, but I can now sleep peacefully knowing that nothing is going to catch on fire. I'm definitely buying more!

Jessica from Austin, TX

Easy and effective

Joern from Copenhagen

TB from Berlin, Germany

I'm an IT Manager and I needed my PC at work to look good, so when I was looking at cable management solutions I ran across CableBox, I LOVE IT!!!! It turned a giant cable mess into something manageable AND pleasing to the eye!

Brian McGovern from Virginia Beach, Virginia

Very conveniant and a beautiful object

Philippe Blanchard from Vallon, Switzerland

Nice and lots of space

Prasart from Vaxjo

Love this box it makes everything look so much nicer and no more hooking my foot on a cable

Jamie Chase from Auckland, New Zealand

This may not look like such a dramatic change, but inside the box is also a 6 plug power strip servicing all the devices. I absolutely love how the chaotic cables are orderly confined. Thanks for a simple, but terrific solution!

Minette from Southern California

What a visual relive, thank you, thank you. I'm a very happy designer now!

Marcus from Culver City, California

I've wanted one of these for ages, but I never felt like I had enough cables underneath my desk to justify the purchase. Now that I do, I feel as though my bedroom decorating is finally complete! Loving it.

Will from Buffalo, New York

A must have for any beat freak! Wish I would have bought one earlier!

Joe from Aurora, Illinois

BlueLounge cable boxes are a must-have if you are dealing with a tangle of technology!

Judith from Austin, Texas

The size of the Box matched exactly to my power strip. I'm happy with this type of cable organisation.

Peter from New York

Makes our life less complicated!

Bob from Durham, North Carolina

Manage to contain many cables. 1 lan, 7 power cords, 3dvi, 2 vga. Due to the PDU size, I am not able to put it in. But on top is great.

Saber from Singapore

Do the job. Nice and tidy. Chose this one for its security and fire retardant.

Angel from Nice, France


Baudrier from Jallais, France

Very clean, I will buy one for my personal use.


I have been waiting for year for something like that. My router area is finally tidy. My PC area comes next. Nice job guys.

Andrea from Rome, Italy

Frigging awesome!

Kate from Adelaide, South Australia

Love it.

Darren from Vancouver, BC

So easy on the eyes. I hate untangling the cords searching for the right device connection.

Joe from Portland, Oregon

Super good. Looks nice and actually fits in with normal things around the house. Works perfectly with my PC. Plenty of space to spare.

Charles from Auckland

It's wonderful!!

Marco from Alessandria, Italy

It's easier to clean your room! And looks chic.

Madlén from Germany

Cleans up clutter so easily.

Maggie from Fremont, California


Cole from St. Louis, Missouri

CableBox is a awesome product! With the help of the CableBox and the Soba cable director my computer desk looks very organized :)

Sebastien from Whitehorse, Yukon

Easy and clean.

NargiT from Lausanne, Switzerland

This is so nice to hide all the mess right in the box.

Mankel from Hong Kong

Very cool. Very happy.

Tyron C from Brooklyn, New York

I cannot wait to find my next mess of cords to concur! What an improvement.

Angela F from San Diego, California

Nice design and packaging. Needs to be 2-3 cm longer though because some large powers trips with protection do not fit in.

Antonis from Athens, Greece

It's better than sliced bread. Bread is just empty carbs whereas Cablebox is pure organizational bliss.

Chris from San Francisco

It's so easy and makes such a big difference. COOL!

Mario M from Berlin

Sweet product, exactly what was needed. I'll buy more.

Artdawg from Calgary, Alberta

Sweet product, exactly what was needed. I'll buy more.

Artdawg from Calgary, Alberta

The room seems to be completely tidy and is easier to clean now. I am pleased to have found this solution.

Steph from Lyon, France

Just perfect!

Gianchi from Switzerland

What a difference!

Sara W from Fishers, Indiana

I can finally vacuum!!

Kathy from Boise, Idaho

See How Simple It Is To Use CableBox

Want to see just how easy it is to use CableBox? Check it out here and see why CableBox is the best cable organizer solution out there.

CableBox goes beyond being just an ordinary office supply. For those type-A people, CableBox can be the answer to your cable organizing prayers.


Features and Compatibility


Compatible with both long and wide surge protectors. Try CableBox with Soba for an ultra-clean look. Soba can take the remaining cables outside of the CableBox and consolidate cords into a single tube to route and direct as needed.


Black, White, Moonlight Blue and Light Sage


High-density flame-retardant plastic


16 x 6.25 x 5.25 in


CableBox can be used as a cable hider/power strip cover anywhere you have a jumbled mess of cables. In your home, behind your TV, in your office, under your desk or anyplace you have tons of cables, CableBox is the best cable management system to keep things looking tidy.

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