Cool Feet

Cool Feet

Cool Feet are pop-on suction cup lifts to elevate your laptop to an ergonomic angle.


Two large Cool Feet, two small Cool Feet, four discs and one travel pouch

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Cool Feet
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Air flow from laptop using Cool Feet

Once you work from an elevated angle, you'll never go back to working flat.

It just feels…wrong. Cool Feet give you that lift to work comfortably and keep airflow circulating, keeping things cool.

Design, elevated.

Increase airflow

More air circulation keeps your laptop nice and cool.

Laptop or tablet

Cool Feet are great for laptops and tablets to give you the right amount of lift.


With a little travel pouch included to take them on the go.
Cool Feet are ideal for laptop and iPad

Design, elevated.

Increase airflow

More air circulation keeps your laptop nice and cool

Laptop or tablet

Cool Feet are great for laptops and tablets to give you the right amount of lift.


With a little travel pouch included to take them on the go.
Features and Compatibility


All laptops and tablets




The included low-profile adhesive discs allow Cool Feet to firmly grasp to smooth or textured laptop surfaces. Cool Feet come with a small travel bag to use for storage or to take on-the-go.

Applying Cool Feet with included adhesive discs


Small Feet: 1.375 x 0.5 in
Large Feet: 1.75 x 1.25 in


Recommended for use with laptops and tablets on flat surfaces to give added comfort while working or playing.

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Cool Feet Product Review
User Reviews and Ratings

I love these little feet. They are perfect for my MacBook Pro. So easy to install and remove. Hig... more

Writen by Thomas N from New Jersey
April 12, 2015
Love Them

Love them, told all my friends about them.

Writen by Barb from Philly
March 9, 2013
Your Designs Are Great & State Of The Art!

"I love all your products!! Your designs are great & state of the art!
The Cableyoy... more

Writen by Anca S from Nashville TN
June 26, 2012
It's Very Useful

fans on my laptop don't come on anymore:-) 2 feet are used to hang my keyboard on my steering wheel.... more

Writen by Salty from Pasadena
February 14, 2012
Fantastic Unit

Fantastic unit! Totally love the elevated keyboard, and at a fraction of the cost of a normal laptop... more

Writen by Nathan from Sydney, Australia
September 11, 2011
Excellent, Yet Simple.

Excellent, yet simple. Such a simple design yet able to achieve its purpose. Looking forward to more... more

Writen by Andrew N from Singapore
August 23, 2011
Very Happy With This Product

I am very happy with this product. I have told friends and strangers.

Writen by Carlo from Whittier CA
March 27, 2011
Another Great Product

Thanks for making yet again, another great product. Simple yet genius, my laptop no longer cooks my... more

Writen by URBANSHERP from Cambridge, MA
October 11, 2010
They Provide The Perfect Position

What a fab idea! These are just what I was looking for. They provide the perfect position and are re... more

Writen by Fiona C from UK
September 9, 2010
They're Fantastic

WOW! They're fantastic. I've missed two of the powerbook rubber microfeet under the case, so I solve... more

Writen by Marco A from Pavia
April 7, 2010
With Cool Feet It Is Much Better

I have a powerbook g4 12" and usually it gets overheated very soon, particularly on the knees o... more

Writen by Umberto from Torino, Italy
October 4, 2009
Great Stuff.

Great stuff. Now I can avoid my laptop from over heat. Cool feet really cool your laptop. Nice packa... more

Writen by Agni from Jakarta, Indonesia
September 8, 2009
Needless To Say Easy To Set-up!

I just got these in the post, needless to say easy to set-up! I INSTANTLY found the new typing posit... more

Writen by Samuel from London, UK
August 15, 2009
Excellent Support!

A very good product and an excellent support!

Writen by Alberto L from Italy
August 13, 2009
I Love It

I think to buy iLap from Apple, but when I see Cool Feet I love it. I pass many hours in front of my... more

Writen by Pedro B from Portugal
July 9, 2009
Great Product

I purchased Cool Feet for my laptop, but now use it every day - with my iPod Touch. I attach one of... more

Writen by Steven from San Francisco
June 28, 2009
Great Idea

Great idea but they aren't compatible with a dell inspiron e1505, oh well..

Writen by Busch from WI
June 1, 2009
My Blazing Titanium Is So Much Cooler Now

Brilliant product, slick packe and pouch... my blazing titanium is so much cooler now thanks to the... more

Writen by Kat from Oklahoma
May 26, 2009
You Won't Regret It.

I got Cool Feet about two months ago and the only regret I have is that I didn't get them sooner. I... more

Writen by Walter M from UpState New York
April 30, 2009
It Makes Working So Much Easier

I love the cool feet! It makes working on my Macbook so much easier because of the angle and it does... more

Writen by Keilani from Laie HI
February 27, 2009
Work Great

Work great on my black MacBook with no Invisible shield or other surface. Only complaint - they aren... more

Writen by Nilay S from New York, NY
January 22, 2009
Great Product

Great product. Really works great.

Writen by Laura from Texas
December 22, 2008
Working Wonderfully

I put an order in late last week, and today I received my shipment of cool feet. They are working wo... more

Writen by Sonia from Baltimore
October 31, 2008
Best Thing Since Sliced Bread!

These are truly the best thing since sliced bread!

Writen by Carolyn L from PA
September 25, 2008
Love Them

"Love them. Get them. I use my Cool Feet everyday while I work. They lift my MacBook up just th... more

Writen by Ryan B from Sugar Land, TX
July 20, 2008
So Handy And Travel Friendly

These little guys are so handy and travel friendly in the little pouch that comes with them. Great p... more

Writen by Amy from Brooklyn NY
July 16, 2008
Cool Feet Has Amazing Adhesive Power

My black MacBook is covered with the acrylic made more famous by the crew at InvisibleShield. (It's... more

Writen by Steve from San Francisco
July 6, 2008
Great Job!

These are great! I showed them to my dad, who spends a lot of his day writing on his laptop and he w... more

Writen by Shashi from New York
May 28, 2008
The Cool Feet Are Great

I love my MacBook, but it does tend to overheat. The Cool Feet are great because they are so portabl... more

Writen by from Miami Beach FL
May 28, 2008
Problem Solver

Excellent inclination provided for writing + macbook's overheating solved! Just great...

Writen by Paola from UK
May 27, 2008
Awesome Product.

The cooling aspect is nice but I bought them for great angle they produce for typing. Awesome produc... more

Writen by Vito from Chicago
May 25, 2008
Awesome Product

Awesome product, and hey, it's not just for effective cooling. It also adds a lot of grip to your no... more

Writen by Pablo A from Santiago, Chile
May 25, 2008
Smart Solutions

One of the smartest solutions to a hot Macbook Pro.

Writen by Nicholas M from Arlington, VA
April 27, 2008
Thanks For Making Cool Feet

Thanks for making Cool Feet. It really helps reducing the strain on my wrist when typing on my Macbo... more

Writen by Wissut from Bangkok, Thailand
April 24, 2008
Outstanding Little Product.

Outstanding little product. Can't remember the last time I've been this ridiculously satisfied with... more

Writen by Don from DE
April 24, 2008
Great Product

"Great Product!" for my MacBook 1G and super affordable. "

Writen by Sze from New York
February 27, 2008
Simply Brilliant. Brilliantly Simple!

Simply brilliant. Brilliantly simple!

Writen by Cindie from Reno NV
February 17, 2008
Loves Them!

I bought these as a birthday gift for my husband and he loves them!

Writen by Laura from Michigan
February 7, 2008

This is such a SMART PRODUCT..!!!!

Writen by Nantya from Jakarta, Indonesia
January 27, 2008
A Very Cool Product...

a very cool product...

Writen by Chip from Indianapolis
January 25, 2008
Keep On Doing Great Stuff!

Could not live without these. Practical, elegant and very effective. It does what it suppose to do:... more

Writen by Johannes from Brussels
January 20, 2008
This Is The Best Thing EVER

this is the best thing EVER. my laptop used to get really hot after few min's .. and gets even hotte... more

Writen by Angel from UAE
January 20, 2008
Fantastic Product!

Fantastic product! I use mine on my MacBook Pro all the time. They not only help keep it cool, but t... more

Writen by Lisa from Virginia Beach, VA
January 14, 2008
Great Products

People are wide eyed when I use them, plus the little bag to keep them safe.

Writen by Robert from Newbury UK
January 9, 2008
Awesome Quality

Awesome quality, awesome effectiveness and awesome utility. Great for keeping my laptop cool!
... more

Writen by Zack L from Singapore
January 8, 2008
Probably One Of The Coolest Ideas

Cool Feet is probably one of the coolest ideas I've seen in quite some time. Very simple but for me... more

Writen by Cheryl H from Austin TX
January 5, 2008
Portable And Convenient!

Bought a set for each of my Macbook Pros. Portable and convenient!

Writen by Ryan from Philippines
January 1, 2008
Love My Cool Feet!

Love my Cool Feet! As someone else said, it's such a smart product. Smart design.

Writen by Erin from Norfolk, VA
December 16, 2007
Excellent Work

My original intent involved going through Google to search for a cooling mat for my laptop that woul... more

Writen by Cheree H from Portland OR
December 8, 2007
Simply Cool!

Simply Cool! I love them. Bravissimi!!!

Writen by Andrea T from Cagliari Italy
November 29, 2007
I Love It

This is so cool, I love it :)

Writen by Josip from Croatia
November 22, 2007
Low-tech, Easy, Attractive And They Work

An elegant solution: low-tech, easy, attractive and they work. My laptop is cooler and my wrists are... more

Writen by Barbara M from New York NY
November 18, 2007
Great Product

Even though they're advertised as having three angles and positions, there is actually a fourth that... more

Writen by Barry from Atlanta, GA
November 11, 2007
A Genius Idea

A genius idea. Not only do they make the working angle of my laptop better, they stop it overheating... more

Writen by Rob from London UK
November 8, 2007
Very Well Designed Product

Very well designed product, use it everyday.

Writen by Herb from Atlanta
November 4, 2007
I'd Highly Recommend Them!

Even though I always use my laptop on a laptop desk or other flat surface so it gets proper ventilat... more

Writen by Billie from Wooster, OH
October 29, 2007
Really Smart Design

really smart design. super.

Writen by Kris October 17, 2007
What More Could You Ask For?

Darlings, functional and affordable, what more could you ask for?

Writen by Lynn from San Francisco
October 7, 2007
Thanks, Great Stuff.

It is so simple that people often comment 'oh that simple .. I could have thought about it myself',... more

Writen by Rudolph H from Sweden
September 30, 2007
What An Easy To Use, Ingenious, Fantastically Portable Product.

I've got a new computer for home use, and an old but reliable dinosaur that I take on the road with... more

Writen by Kristi from New York NY
September 30, 2007
Best Ideas I've Ever Seen!

One of the best ideas I've ever seen!! Yoy can work on your laptop as a desktop. Great!!!!

Writen by Danielle B from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
September 30, 2007
Great Product

Great product. It gives me the ergonomic typing angle which I totally love. Kudos.

Writen by Mathew from Nairobi, Kenya
September 29, 2007
Easy To Use

Very convenient and easy to use. Love that I can take them with me.

Writen by Wendy from Montgomery County PA
September 13, 2007
Easiest And Most Creative Solution

My laptop sits on a hard drive and was getting hot. I was researching all the most expensive laptop... more

Writen by Halfmonk from LA
September 10, 2007
I Have 2 Sets

I love cool feet!!! I have 2 sets love them! Thank you!!

Writen by Gerri from PA
September 10, 2007
The Cool Feet Fit Right In My Computer Bag And Go On And Off In Seconds.

I have always used a device to elevate my Mac, but transporting it was a problem because most of the... more

Writen by Dee W from Waikoloa HI
September 10, 2007



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