The StudioDesk is a desk with built-in cable management to keep you neat and tidy.


One StudioDesk (minor assembly required)

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Maintain a clutter-free desktop without sacrificing access to hardware and devices with the StudioDesk.

This ultra-modern desk makes certain that all of your excess cables and peripheral accessories remain neatly hidden yet conveniently accessible in a storage compartment located under the sliding desktop surface.
StudioDesk front and side views

Beautifully organized, supremely functional

Store excess cables inside StudioDesk outlet

Cable access

An elongated outlet runs across the desk for easy access to cables and peripherals
Mahogany leg finish

Solid wood

Mahogany legs and details give a sophisticated and traditional finish to this ultra-modern desk

Two sizes

The StudioDesk XL provides a larger workspace.
StudioDesk XL width is 150cm/59in and 120cm/47.24in for StudioDesk

Two sizes

The StudioDesk XL provides a larger workspace.
StudioDesk XL width is 150cm/59in and 120cm/47.24in for StudioDesk

StudioDesk Regular dimensions

StudioDesk Regular dimensions

StudioDesk XL dimensions

StudioDesk XL dimensions
Features and Compatibility


Compatible with laptops and some desktop computers


White with Mahogany details


The genus of the wood is Kahaya Grandifoliola C. DC originating from renewable sources in Indonesia


Regular: 47.2 x 29.5 x 27.5 in
XL: 59 x 29.5 x 27.5 in


Recommended for work or home office to keep a tidy workspace

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User Reviews and Ratings
Beautiful Desk

Beautiful desk that helps to minimize clutter. I do hope an XL version is in the works.

Writen by Mark from Los Angeles
August 21, 2013
Love With The Design And Functions

Just unpacked my StudioDesk and im already in love with the design and functions of it :) Room for i... more

Writen by Jens Vilhelm D from Aalborg, Denmark
January 19, 2012
Adjustable Height Legs, Please

Adjustable height legs, please...BL products are not average, and neither are your customers :)

Writen by A from USA
September 23, 2011
Looks Really Good

Looks really good. If you had a larger version I would totally buy this.

Writen by Tyler from MN
August 21, 2011
It's Beautiful!

This desk is beautiful! Also hoping for an XL version though, don't really see my 24\ iMac placed on... more

Writen by Ellen from Netherlands
June 30, 2011
Make It Bigger

Yes please to an XL version so I can use it with my iMac.

Writen by Jason from New Zealand
March 25, 2011
Another Vote For Adjustable Height!

Another vote for adjustable height!

Writen by NM from CA, USA
November 29, 2010
Looks Awesome

Looks awesome. too bad its too small. Would order one in a heartbeat if was bigger.

Writen by Dan from Los Angeles
November 14, 2010
Very Stable And Well Built Table, Perfect For Desktops Too

"Love the desk! I am from Singapore and I got the desk from my local furniture reseller. I must... more

Writen by Jasrie from Singapore
November 6, 2010
I'll Reiterate The Adjustable Height Request!

I'll reiterate the adjustable height request!

Writen by Jason E from New Jersey
November 1, 2010
PLEASE Make More Versions, Some Bigger, Some Smaller...

I've been eyeing this product for literally months now. I would order one without thinking twice if... more

Writen by Obsessed User from Dallas
August 19, 2010
Adjustable Legs So My Kids Can Use It!

Adjustable legs so my kids can use it!

Writen by Adriana from Hartford
August 13, 2010
Need A Bigger Desk

I agree with Mark - need a bigger desk and a supplier on the West Coast. Beautiful design and finish... more

Writen by Shan from Los Angeles
July 20, 2010
Honestly, I Love It

Honestly, I love it. It doesn't look like working table but it looks like dining table... clean &... more

Writen by Rudy from Jakarta
July 20, 2010
It's So Awesome

Took less than 20 mins to assemble it ... most of the time spent unpacking! The size is exactly what... more

Writen by Roger from Singapore
June 25, 2010
Love This Small Functional Desk

Love this small functional desk. I haven't found anything as well designed for a laptop for delivery... more

Writen by Taragh from London UK
January 19, 2010
Absolutely Love The StudioDesk

Thanks Bluelounge! Absolutely love the StudioDesk, ever since I receive it on the 1st of July 2011,... more

Writen by Edward T from Singapore
January 7, 2010
Superb Functionality And VERY Aesthetically Pleasing!

Amazing! This will definitely be my next desk. Superb functionality and VERY aesthetically pleasing!... more

Writen by Lorenda from Washington State
January 5, 2010
Clean And Beautiful Working Place

The StudioDesk is a clean and beautiful working place. I love the free space and storage room, and n... more

Writen by Jaimy from Amsterdam, Netherlands
December 1, 2009

Beautiful, clean looks! Would require some modifications to work with my iMac though, especially the... more

Writen by Nina from Finland
October 28, 2009
Great Look And Design!

Would definately buy if there was a bigger version. Great look and design!

Writen by J from Ohio
September 19, 2009
Nice Design, Functionality & Looks Durable Too.

+1, it should be available too in a bigger version, or S, M, L, XL versions... But the idea is perfe... more

Writen by Steven from Belgium
September 15, 2009
Amazing Product

As you will probably notice in the background, the desk is located in an industrial loft. My work fl... more

Writen by Troy from USA
July 22, 2009
Nice Retro Design!

Nice retro design!

Writen by Cabriel L from Frederiksberg
July 11, 2009
I Love This Desk

I love this desk, however need one also designed to hold a large monitor.

Writen by Nathan from Houston, Texas
June 15, 2009



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