CableBox hides untidy, loose, tangled cables under the desk, next to the computer, or behind the TV.


One CableBox and 10 twist-ties

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Surge protectors

All surge protectors (not included), long and wide, are welcome.

Cable access

Two outlets on either side of the CableBox grant access to the cables you need.


CableBox gives you the peace of mind that your cables are safely stowed out of sight.
Surge protector inside CableBox

Surge protectors

All surge protectors, long and wide are welcome.

Cable access

Two outlets on either side of the CableBox grant access to the cables you need.

Flame-retardantSurge protectors

CableBox gives you the peace of mind that your cables are safely stowed out of sight.

Before and after photos

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CableBox before and after
Features and Compatibility


Compatible with both wide and long surge protectors. Surge protector not included.


Black or White


High-density flame-retardant plastic


16 x 6.25 x 5.5 in


Recommended for use in living or working space.
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User Reviews and Ratings

Didn't originally see a use for this item. Looked at it for several months and thought I would try... more

Writen by Dave S from Peoria
April 10, 2015
My IMac Looks Amazing On My Desk Now!

So many cables, per cos, spike busters, etc.. now firmly and safely inside the bluebook. The iMac fi... more

Writen by Jags V from Bangalore
February 27, 2015
A Little Disappointed

I must confess that I was a little disappointed when I opened the package to find only the plastic b... more

Writen by Bill F from Boston MA
January 24, 2015
Great But Incomplete

Great product... but... mine didn't include the twist ties :(

Writen by Caroline S from Warren Nj
January 20, 2015
Great Product

Great product, easy and clean solution to the ever annoying cable mess.

Writen by Manuel P from New York NY
August 18, 2013
Definitely Worth It.

I was skeptical at first. The price seemed a bit much for a plastic box but my OCD was thrilled wit... more

Writen by BJ from Atlanta, GA
August 18, 2013
Very Wonderful!

How very wonderful! We look forward to having a much sprucer sitting room thanks to this great idea.

Writen by Rebecca from Australia
June 3, 2013
I Love This CableBox

I love this CableBox. I sit at my desk all day at home, and my legs get tired of sitting too long. I... more

Writen by Josephine M from Goshen, NY
March 13, 2013


Writen by Yousef from UAE
December 15, 2012
Great Product!

I mounted my CableBox on the wall. I wish I hadn't had to modify in order to put it on the wall. We... more

Writen by Annie from Long Beach, CA
September 15, 2011
Cannot Live Without It Now

This should win a Design of the Year award. I cannot live without it now. It has not only tamed the... more

Writen by Suzi from California
September 5, 2011
Thanks For A Wonderful Product!

I just got my Cable Box and have to tell you that it's great! Maybe kind of expensive, but what an i... more

Writen by Adeline A from USA
August 25, 2011

Fantastic piece of equipment!

Writen by Jamie B from Edinburgh, UK
May 3, 2011
Elegant Solution

We live by macbook pros in our office. Ultimately each workstation locaiton has a sizeable collectio... more

Writen by Rob D from Washington DC
April 9, 2011
Love The Cablebox

Love the cablebox, guys. Just ordered a few more... My home office was recently featured on lifehack... more

Writen by Rob D from San Francisco
September 7, 2010
Admire The Nifty Thing.

Amazing for all those small wads of cables lying about and the box adds a nice touch of color to any... more

Writen by Gracie from California
August 28, 2010
I Should Have Bought This Sooner.

I should have bought this sooner. I definitely am going to get a few more for my apartment!

Writen by Jeff from Malaysia
May 7, 2010
A Simple Solution

Once again, a simple solution to a complicated problem commonly faced by everyone. Makes a great bas... more

Writen by Zack L from Singapore
November 4, 2009
Amazed With This Product!!

I'm so amazed with this product!! The first time I saw this I never thought that this could really c... more

Writen by Carl Louie P from Cebu City, Philippines
October 21, 2009
A Really Useful Product

A really useful product. I wish you would also do a glossy black version to further improve the prod... more

Writen by William L from Vienna
October 5, 2009
Love The Cablebox

Love the cablebox. I am now planning on getting another for my office and one for my girlfriend.

Writen by Robert M from Tennessee
June 18, 2009
It's Perfect

The CableBox was a perfect foundation for my setup, looks real sleak. I mounted the box on the wal... more

Writen by Ron from Texas
May 28, 2009
It's So Awesome

As the editor of Southern California Spaces magazine's High Tech Home column, I'm featuring this ite... more

Writen by Holly B from Newport Beach CA
February 5, 2009
It's Very Useful

For the first time my wife congratulated me for buying a gadget because this is very useful and cove... more

Writen by Patrick from Belgium
January 31, 2009
Love It

I've had my CableBox for a few years now and love it. I hide all of my power strips in them, as well... more

Writen by Neal F from Providence, RI
December 12, 2008
LOVE This Product So Much

I LOVE this product so much, I chose to write about it in my first blog on I'm... more

Writen by Susie Singer C from Los Angeles
October 2, 2008
All My Wires 'disappear'

I love the CableBox, totally made all my wires 'disappear'. Fantastic! A bit pricy, but things look... more

Writen by Nathan from Sydney, Australia
September 25, 2008
I Could Organize And Hide Them Better.

My surge protector, power cables, Xbox 360 Video, audio cables, Xbox 360 Controller batteries charge... more

Writen by Duelist L from Singapore
August 10, 2008
You Made It Look Cool

Genius. I've been hoping for a solution to this messy problem for years. Not only did you solve the... more

Writen by Dan from Hollywood CA
August 5, 2008
Bluelounge Did It Again!

Bluelounge did it again! My desk is neat and I gained a lot of extra work space.

Writen by Aleen F from Simi Valley, CA
July 21, 2008
CableBox Is So Great

Moving into a new place so I don't have before/after photos but the CableBox is so great I'm getting... more

Writen by Annie from Palo Alto, CA
July 15, 2008
Need More

The only problem with CableBox is now I need at least one more.

Writen by C.B. from 90027
January 11, 2008



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