Can I charge my digital camera with The Sanctuary?

Most digital cameras require higher voltage than what we provide so they cannot be charged in The Sanctuary. A few cameras are compatible though and Kodak is the only brand with many compatible cameras. Please check our compatibility list for full details. Please read the following post to see how you can still use The Sanctuary to store and charge your device, even if it is not compatible: Charging non-compatible devices.
The Sanctuary

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Charging non-compatible devices with The Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary can do a lot, but still it cannot charge every single item under the sun, in particular those digital cameras that require higher voltages than The Sanctuary provides. There is a great workaround though. Simply use your own AC adapter that came, say with the camera, and feed the cord through the base.. more »

Can I charge two identical models simultaneously?

Say, two iPod/iPhones, or two Blackberries or two Samsung phones and are wondering whether you can charge them both at the same?¬† Although The Sanctuary comes¬†”out of the box”¬†with only one single built-in connector for each device type implying that The Sanctuary can only charge one device at a time, The Sanctuary also includes a.. more »

Will The Sanctuary charge the Amazon Kindle

Yes, it can but via the Mini-USB port only. Note that the Kindle “trickle-charges” via the USB port – as stated in their user manual – so it is a very slow way or charging your device.¬† The Sanctuary does in fact have a plug that will fit the normal Kindle charging port but this.. more »

If I buy a Refresh (or The Sanctuary) in the US, will it work satisfactory in Europe?

All of our products are compatible with the European market and come with different adapters to fit your socket.

Charging Jabra on The Sanctuary

Most Jabra headsets are compatible with The Sanctuary, either through mini-USB or micro-USB but a few still use a proprietary Jabra connector. To charge such a headset you will need to use your existing USB cable or purchase one from Jabra. USB Cable for Jabra A210, BT150, BT160, BT350, BT500, BT800, JX10, GN1110 more »

Extra Connectors (for additional devices and compatibility)

The Sanctuary is compatible with over 1500 devices and virtually all of the latest phone models. Extra connectors are available through our website to provide compatibility with some of the older phone models and also to provide the capability of charging two identical device simultaneaously. This means that “out of the box” The Sanctuary can.. more »



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