‘Something went wrong’ message during checkout

If you received ‘something went wrong’ error message when you tried to complete your purchase, please try to place the order again and make sure to fill all the required fields including billing first and last names, credit card expiration date, etc. Our shopping cart system also requires browsers that support JavaScript and cookies for the checkout process. When you go to the checkout page, wait until the entire page is loaded before filling the forms. You can also try to clear your browser’s cache first if you want to try placing an order again. If you are still experiencing some problems, you can try to contact us using the form below. You also have the option to place an order offline by following the steps provided here.
Ordering Payment

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I want to add more items after I completed my order, can I do that?

If the your order has already gone through the checkout process but you still wish to purchase additional items, you have two options: Ask us to cancel your first order and place a new one that includes the additional items. Place another order for only the additional items and request in the “notes” field to.. more »

How and where do I put the discount code?

To apply a discount code, please shop through our online store. During checkout, on Step 5: Order Confirmation there is a “Redeem a Coupon” field. You can insert your code and click Apply, our system will then recalculate the order subtotal.

Can I place an order offline?

Should you experience a problem to complete your order online, you can place your order manually by downloading and filling out the form below. You can then fax it to the following number: (+1) 626 628 3287 Download Order Form (PDF) Please note your shipping address or tell us if the shipping address is the.. more »

Unavailable or out-of-stock items

In rare cases, we might be out of stock for certain product or product variation (ie. color, plug). When this happens, you will not be able to place an order for that specific product until it has become available again. If you want to be notified when the item is in stock, please fill and.. more »

Do I need to create an account to order from your website?

No, creating an account is fully optional. Although we encourage our customers to create an account during checkout. With an account, you will get the following benefits: Check out faster Save multiple shipping addresses Access your order history Track new orders Track recently viewed items

If I create an account, do you also save my credit card information?

No, we never store any credit card information on our server. If you create an account, it will only save the shipping and billing address. You will still need to enter your card information every time you place a new order.



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