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Can the MiniDock holds and charges an iPad?

Unfortunately the answer is no. It is designed for smaller devices like iPod and iPhone. The socket will not be able to hold the iPad’s weight.

Featured MiniDock

I want to buy Bluelounge products from an online store in my country, where can I find it?

You can find our products in the following online stores in many countries: (Please note that not all stores carry our complete product lines and availability may vary.)

Featured Ordering

Is The Sanctuary or Refresh compatible with iPad?

Unfortunately, The Sanctuary and Refresh are not capable of charging the iPad because the iPad requires more charging power than the products are capable of giving out.

Featured Refresh The Sanctuary

Can CableDrops be re-positioned?

No. The adhesive on CableDrops is strong and permanent. The reason for this is that cables often exert tension and weight or are prone to be yanked and pulled, if the adhesive was weaker and removable, the CableDrops would occasionally fall off their surface by themselves, thus rendering them useless.

CableDrop Featured

Will The Sanctuary work with my devices?

To check your device compatibility, please click on the Compatibility tab on The Sanctuary product page. You can either manually check from the brands list, which will pop-up a full device list, or use the search form.

Featured The Sanctuary

Do I need to put the adhesive plates on my laptop?

That depends on the laptop you are using. The neat thing about Cool Feet is that they attach to laptops via suction cups, this make them easily removable.  For the suction cup to work best, it must have a mirror like smooth surface, this means the Cool Feet attach naturally to white MacBooks and iBooks,.. more »

Cool Feet Featured

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How much is the heat resistance of CableBox and CableBox Mini?

The heat resistance range of CableBox and CableBox Mini is between -20º to 60ºC.

CableBox CableBox Mini

How much electricity does The Sanctuary or Refresh when on stand by?

They consume 8.4 watts when no devices are connected.

Refresh The Sanctuary

What are the exact dimensions and volumes of Eco-Friendly bags?

Below are the dimensions (height x width x depth) and maximum volume that each bag can carry: Backpack 47cm x 30cm x 20cm / 18.5″ x 11.82″ x 7.9″ 28 Liters 13″ Laptop Tote 36cm x 20cm x 12cm / 17.7″ x 12.6″ x 4.7″ 9 Liters 15″ Laptop Tote 45cm x 32cm x 12cm.. more »


How do I complete the payment using “Bank Deposit?”

Note: this payment option is only available from our EU Online Store After you have finished placing your order, we will wait for payment before it can be completed. The order total can be checked from your email. Instructions on how to pay for your order are shown below: Bank Name: Sparkasse Bamberg Bank Branch:.. more »

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