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CableBox hides untidy, loose, tangled cables under the desk, next to the computer, or behind the TV.

Package Contents

One CableBox and 10 twist-ties


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100% satisfaction guarantee

If you're not 100% happy with your purchase, neither are we.

If you wish to make a return, we'll take care of you. Read more here.

Surge Protectors

All surge protectors (not included), long and wide, are welcome.

Cable Access

Two outlets on either side of the CableBox grant access to the cables you need.


CableBox gives you the peace of mind that your cables are safely stowed out of sight.

Before and after gallery

Customer submitted photos and testimonials from around the world.

Nice design and packaging. Needs to be 2-3 cm longer though because some large powers trips with protection do not fit in.

Antonis from Athens, Greece

It's better than sliced bread. Bread is just empty carbs whereas Cablebox is pure organizational bliss.

Chris from San Francisco

It's so easy and makes such a big difference. COOL!

Mario M from Berlin

Sweet product, exactly what was needed. I'll buy more.

Artdawg from Calgary, AB

Sweet product, exactly what was needed. I'll buy more.

Artdawg from Calgary, AB

The room seems to be completely tidy and is easier to clean now. I am pleased to have found this solution.

Steph from Lyon, France

Just perfect!

Gianchi from Switzerland

What a difference!

Sara W from Fishers, IN

I can finally vacuum!!

Kathy from Boise, ID

Made my setup look so much cleaner.

Lucas from Karlshamn

This is my second time using them. It not only makes my office look more professional and productive. When my environment is uncluttered, my mind is uncluttered. Therefore I am more creative and efficient.

Alista F from New York City

Even with my first attempt (pictured) it's 100% better!

Andy from Sydney, Australia

As a college student, I have an abundance of cables running across my desk (laptop, tv, xbox, etc.). Everyday, I'd see the nest of cables aggravating my OCD, and taking my concentration away from my studies. I researched, on Google and YouTube, the best cable management products. This simple, yet perfect solution, was the answer to my cable problems. Shipping was expedient (through Amazon Prime) and my product arrived neatly packaged and undamaged. It does the job, looks sleek on my desk, and hides all of my cables with plenty of room to spare for future additions. A few cons would include the price point, which I believe to be a tad high, and the added twist ties that seem to be relatively cheap. In all, I'm very satisfied with my product, and I even ordered the BL Sumo to manage my laptop charger/mouse/headphone cables! You're my boy, Blue!

Mike S from Westwood, CA

It's funny how such a simple piece of equipment can make a messy corner clean.

Jef R from Wichelen

Worked perfectly for our living room entertainment unit which was a mess of cables before. Very happy with the purchase.

Ryan from Ottawa, Ontario

Me encanta lo organizado y ordenado que se ve! Out of sight, out of mind!

Alejandra from Ciudad de Panamá, Panamá

I am really impressed with how much stuff you can fit in the box. I had read other reviews saying there wasn't enough room. I found the large box to have more than enough room for all my cords and cables.

Terry S from San Antonio, TX

My robotic vacuum kept having issues with all the no problem????

Betty from Alabama

This is a fantastic product. It allowed me to completely organize my all my cables so they are barely visible.

Stephanie from Chicago, IL

Great product!!

Jurie from South Africa

Ryan from United States

This cable box rocks! I was hesitant to buy it but glad I did and now I'm planning on getting another one. Great solution!

Linda C from MN

My setup was already relatively clean. The CableBox makes it cleaner.

Brian G. from Las Vegas, NV

I coudlnt move my feet under my desk for cables! And the amount of dust they attracted was awful. So glad to have a stylish and functional solution :)

Dale Shephard from Leeds, UK

Absolutely love these boxes. Should have pulled the trigger on them a while back. Glad I did.

Jose from Texas

Fantastic! No more cable mess under my desk!

Carlo from Milan, Italy

Love this product! Really made a difference. Glad I saw something like this in a pricey catalog and then took it upon myself to do some searching and knew this was what I was looking for.

Linda from Fort Worth, Texas

Great box. quite big.

Samuel from Switzerland

What a great solution!

Frances from uk

Like It

Max from Suisse

After cleaning up the cables inside my desktop it was time to clear up the cables outside. The Cablebox came in great handiness for the job and I'm really loving the clean look it gives our setup now. Thanks a lot! PS. I also purchased a Cablebox Mini but that isn't shown here.

Marlon from Miami Beach, FL

Quick and easy fix for our cable chaos.

Svein Moen from Lysaker, Norway

C'est super tout est rang?, c'est fini tous les fils partout, 5 prises d'appareil dans la box et il reste encore une place.

Quentin from Orl?ans, France

This is my second one. This time I'm curing office clutter...

Eran Sharon from New York NY

I love my cable box. My desk is open and the wires hanging out were messy. As soon as I got my cablebox I put all the wires inside. It looks so much better. LOVE IT!!!!!!

Alex from Cleveland OH

Great product. Amazing results

Anibal Gomez from Zaragoza (Spain)



I wished I purchased my CableBox sooner! This made a huge difference in the cable mess under my desk! It's so much easier to dust under my desk now, too.

Laura DeGraff from Wayne, PA

The absolute best product for cable management! Looks good and keeps the baby from playing with the wires.

Larry Dickerson from Tennessee

The box design itself is a beauty. Overall it made things organize and visually soothing.

wawaachao from Las Vegas, NV

So tidy!

Matumba from Switzerland

CableBox Before & After

Geoff from Massachusetts

I love your products! I've got an entire desktop arranged with all the nice little gimmicks you had in store. It's just so nice, the greatest pleasure to sit there every day :) Keep it up guys

Christoph from Germany

I no longer have to worry about my feet getting twisted in cables and accidentally unplugging anything!

Tiffany from USA


Anthony Caruso from Chippewa Falls, WI

Loving this CableBox

Linda from

Great product... was fun to tuck my rats nest/dust collector aways.. things are looking clean!

Greg from New York, NY

Features and Compatibility


Compatible with both wide and long surge protectors. Surge protector not included.


Black or White


High-density flame-retardant plastic


16 x 6.25 x 5.5 in


Recommended for use in living or working space.

User Reviews and Ratings

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