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Our growing dependence on mobile devices sometimes leaves us searching for an outlet to recharge while on-the-go. With that in mind, Bluelounge has been working alongside several partners in the hospitality market to expand their offering and put that search to an end. Bluelounge’s comprehensive chargers have proven an incredibly successful addition to the amenities businesses offer to their guests.

Sanctuary4 in a hospitality lifestyle shot

Sanctuary4 in a esspresso bar lifestyle shot

Ideal for hotels, cafes, restaurants and small businesses, Sanctuary4 alleviates the aggravation your guests feel when they forget their charger at home or worse-yet, leave it behind – plugged into the wall.

When you offer a place where your guests can recharge their phones and tablets, hassle-free, that goodwill gesture goes a long way.

About Sanctuary4

Sanctuary4, like the original Sanctuary, is a comprehensive charging station where guests can plug in and recharge any mobile device, from phones to tablets and more.

The Sanctuary4 has been reengineered with a 4-amp charger to quickly charge up to 4 devices at once and now has a tablet stand built-in to accommodate tablets.

Sanctuary4 has 4 USB ports to accommodate the Micro-USB cable that comes with the unit and the two Apple cables included in the hospitality kit while leaving one USB port open for guests to plug in their own connector should they need to.

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Exploded view of the Sanctuary4 showing all the parts of the product

Hospitality Kit

The hospitality kit comes with two Charge & Sync cables for Apple Lightning and Apple 30-Pin, along with the Sanctuary4 Cable Lock, to secure cables and prevent theft.

Inside view of the Sanctuary4 showing connectors and USB ports

Profit Center

Aside from building valuable customer loyalty, Sanctuary4 can be an excellent profit center when offered for sale to customers. Their first-hand, in-room experience will quickly inspire your guests to purchase one for their home, office or as a thoughtful gift.

Sanctuary4 packaging view

Featured Hotels

The Sanctuary4 has graciously hosted many travelers in several of the world's leading hotels. These are places where every guest is the center of a keenly attentive hospitality stemming from values that are a proudly perpetuated Bluelounge tradition. For creativity and style, expressed with ingenious design, are aspects of our identity that we also wanted to convey in our partner properties. From stylish boutique to the world's most recognizable names in the hotel industry. Bluelounge has added value to the in room experience.


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